Tips to help you employ the right person

How to get and keep the right staff!

Research consistently indicates that people are primarily not motivated by how much they are paid but by how happy and fulfilled they are.

The experience of the first few weeks with an organisation will determine if the new staff member is a stayer or a bolter!

Staff need to be efficient, effective and happy to ensure that you keep turnover low. The cost of replacing staff (which also includes lost productivity) works out to be 1½ times a person’s salary.

Here are some tips to encourage staff and to improve productivity:

  • Involve your staff in decisions when possible – ask for their input about specific projects and let them express their thoughts and ideas. If you implement the advice received, always give credit.
  • Take an interest in your staff.
  • Show appreciation for the work your staff does. A simple thankyou goes a long way.
  • Do not gossip about staff members with other employees.
  • Be a role model for your employees – be ethical and set the tone for what is expected.

Dare to be different

Think outside the box when employing staff. To get the right person for the job and to gain new perspectives, employing people with different backgrounds and skill sets can be an advantage for any business and adds to the diversity of the team. This may include;

  • Women returning to the workforce – You can consider the introduction job share which can be beneficial and enable you to gain access to a range of skills from your employees.
  • Mature age workers who can bring to your organisation a range of life and work experiences and also provide mentoring for the younger staff members.
  • Young people who you can train and access Government training subsidies.
  • People with a disability who have a wide range of skills but are often discriminated against because of the misconception that it will cost too much in modifications and it is an unknown. There are a wide range of organisations that can assist you. A list of providers can be accessed through and is a free service for employers to help pay for any required workplace modifications.

Other services that may assist you in employing new staff include;

  • Restart – an Australian Government initiative that can give your business up to $10,000 (GSTinc) if you employ and retain a jobseeker 50 years of age or over who has been unemployed and on income support for 6 months or more. For more information call 131715 or visit their website.
  • Employment Start up for Business – a State Government initiative where small and medium size businesses can access up to $4000 to employ a young person aged 15 – 25 in their business. For more information go to their website.

Haven't employed before?

It is essential that you obtain information if you are employing staff for the first time. There are rights and responsibility needs of the business and the individual that need to be met.

There are a range of support services that can assist you.

  • Australian Government covers a range of business topics including employment with links to other useful employment information. Click here to go to the Australian Government website. 
  • Alternatively, you may wish to use the services of an Employment Service Agency – these services are free and the agency will source applicants for you to interview and may also provide wage subsidies, training and mentoring support.