Tips for visual merchandising

ARA Retail Institute, Australia's peak retail orgnaisation has supplied the following information about visual merchandising.  For more information about how the ARA Retail Institute can assist your retail business visit their website

5 Critical Aims of Visual Merchandising

  • Create an overall store image and market position which attracts the target market to the store;
  • Present products so that the customers are inspired by the offer and want to extend the value of the purchase when they are in the store;
  • Maximise the sales and profit potential;
  • Stimulate ongoing patronage;
  • Give the store a personality that makes it highly competitive.

10 Tips to Success

  1. Identify Everything - Customers are time poor.  Use signage to identify not only departments but categories.  This will help customers pinpoint what they need and inspire additional purchases.
  2. Set the Mood with Your Windows - Store windows are incredibly valuable merchandising territory.  Use them to set the mood of the event or sale you're having.  This mood should match the mood your customers want to experience after buying from you.  Do they want entertainment, function or value?
  3. Embrace All the Senses - Great merchanidsing appeals to more than the eyes.  Consider how your store sounds, smells, and even feels.  Are all of these 'messages' you're sending with music, scents and other environmental factors in keeping with the displays you create?
  4. Show Them How it will Look at Home - Use your displays to show customers how the merchandise will look in their home.
  5. Group Like with Like - Organize your store logically.  Customers should be able to find all of one type of merchandise easily.  Create 'groupings' within categories, so all the merchandise that is one colour, type, price or size is positioned together.
  6. Group by Lifestyle - Display merchandise from several categories that all share the same theme.
  7. Use the Spotlight - Lighting attracts customers, much like moths to the flame!  Dramatic lighting doesn't have to be expensive.  Well placed spotlights can draw attention to key pieces of merchandise.  Make sure to use spotlights within your store as well as in the windows.
  8. Change your Displays Often - A Great display is a grate display the first time the customer sees it.  Buit if the customer sees that same display without change it loses impact instantly.
  9. Don't Be Afraid of Colour - Strong colour can have strong results.  Plan your displays around a central colour.
  10. Integrate Motion - Merchandise that moves will catch the eye.  If you have anything that moves, let customers see it working.  If your merchandise is more static, bring motion into the store.