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Special Rate and Charge Schemes

Several local strip shopping centres promote themselves as a group by forming a representative Traders Association.

These centres can raise money for group activities by approaching Council to set up a levy to be paid by each business within the centre.

This levy is known as a 'Special Rate and Charge Scheme'. This money is mainly used for marketing activities and co-ordination of the centre.

Council collects the money from the individual businesses on behalf of the Traders Association and then gives it back to the Traders Association. How the money is spent is determined by the Traders Association.

Some activities include:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Centre Co-ordinator or Event Co-ordinator
  • Special Events i.e. Christmas, Easter
  • Security and/or safety

Council has a set procedure in which a Special Rate and Charge Scheme [PDF 65KB] is adopted.

There are also several ways that the Special Rate levy is calculated [PDF 63KB].

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