Buy local, it's not just about jobs!

Local businesses want us to buy from them. But buying locally benefits all of us. But how?

  • When you buy locally, local businesses flourish and grow. These businesses then buy more services and products to keep up with growing demand.

It could be your business that benefits.

  • Businesses grow and more local people are employed.

It could be someone in your family that benefits.

  • Employees spend money and buy from local businesses.

It could be your business or your friends' business that benefits.

  • New cafes and restaurants set up to cater for the workforce - making the area become a vibrant and lively community.

You might get a fantastic new cafe at your local shopping centre.

  • Successful businesses give back to the community - they provide work experience and often fund community projects and sporting groups. They partner with their local community.

Does your sport team benefit from your local builder, plumber or IT specialist?

  • Residents want to live in vibrant communities. Investors and new businesses want to invest in vibrant, growing and well rounded communities.

Can you imagine a suburb with no spark?

It is important to buy from our local businesses and there is a lot at stake. It is not just about jobs, but our whole community.

Please buy local when you need a new product or service.