Braille Tactile Signs Aust improving the quality of lives


We're pleased to have Braille Tactile Signs Aust support the Maroondah Business Excellence Awards 2023 as sponsor of the Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise Award.

The Maroondah Business Excellence Awards showcase and celebrate the first-class businesses located in Maroondah.

Established in 2002, Braille Tactile Signs Aust (BTS Aust) specialise in design, consulting and manufacturing of durable Wayfinding and Braille Tactile Signs (BTS). 

The father/daughter team behind the business, Roland and Claudia, found a passion knowing they could provide quality products that uphold their integrity for those who rely on them; the people in our community who are blind or have low vision levels. Their business goals changed from providing statutory, architectural or artistic statement pieces, to signage that improved people's lives.

Critical elements of BTS are set out through guidelines and regulations in the Building Codes of Australia and Australian Standards. This legislation outlines what buildings require BTS, where in the building the BTS is to be located, the minimum information required in the sign, along with the exact compliance specifications for ultimate legibility and readability.

Claudia Gatt, CEO - Braille Tactile Signs Aust says: 

"For most people who buy BTS - it's a tick for compliance. For the people who use them - it's their independence. For the team at BTS Aust - it's about ensuring both! At BTS Aust our focus is to get it right the first time. Our reputation requires it, and our community relies on it!"

Is your workplace compliant? 

Did you know that braille tactile signs are required in all public and commercial buildings and spaces, including amenities, accessible entrances, and lifts? Unfortunately, braille tactile signage guidelines and regulations are not widely recognised, understood or correctly adhered to - that's where BTS Aust can help.

They can assist with 'wayfinding' requirements as well as a design consultancy service. The team at BTS Aust will analyse your floorplans, determine what braille tactile signage is required and then arrange the timely supply of your order; be it from their standard range, or a fully custom solution.

When choosing braille tactile signage suitable for your project and business, you should consider these important factors: Are the signs compliant? How are they made? Will they stand the test of time?

As the purpose of braille tactile signage is for them to be touched; durability and longevity has always been paramount at BTS Aust. It was these requirements that set the foundation for the BTS Aust award winning innovation technology, that comprises a continuous surface, with fully encapsulated graphics, resulting in a product that is made to outperform.

Terry Wight, Managing Director - Image Solutions says:

"Being in building maintenance, I am often replacing Braille Signs that have fallen apart. They look terrible and are no longer compliant. This is becoming a real problem in the industry, because buildings are having to outlay these costs again, or face DDA issues. By using BTS Aust's product, I offer a solution that I can rely on and that represents me and my business."                    

For all your wayfinding and braille tactile signage needs or to understand your legal obligations, the BizHub team invite you to connect with Braille Tactile Signs Aust, proud sponsor of the Maroondah Business Excellence Awards, Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise Award.

Visit for more information and all your BTS project solutions.

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