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We’re pleased to have Recom Cleaning support the Maroondah Business Excellence Awards 2023 as sponsor for the Education, Training, Health and Lifestyle category.

Recom Cleaning, in business for over 15 years is a trusted commercial cleaner. They are passionate about client satisfaction as well as inclusivity and ensuring their team members have access to education and further learning opportunities.

With a team of over 200 cleaners, Recom prides itself on its diverse and hardworking workforce. With a high proportion of their exceptional staff with autism, Recom focus on skills development and understanding how people learn, which is a big part of their culture. Recom's training processes aims to enhance the learnings of their team by ensuring that training is proactive, tailored to the individual, inclusive of families and carers, and involves workplace learning.

By looking at their training this way, they've been able to witness first-hand the professional development and enhancement of their team, not only at work and becoming a confident employee, but also the increase in confidence and independence in their employees personal lives and mental health.

The education doesn't stop there. It also extends to coaching clients on how simple adjustments and altered work tasks can ensure a suitable workspace to assist this valuable workforce to thrive and contribute. In some cases, making specific adjustments, such as low lighting or ensuring the office is empty when the cleaner comes have vastly improved the work life and opportunities of the Recom team. Working with clients to help them understand that small changes to a workspace can make a big difference for the Recom team is all part of the service. 

To ensure client satisfaction, a Recom representative will attend a meeting onsite with new clients to assess the space and suitability for specific employees. By doing this, Recom can create an inclusive work culture that fosters acceptance and respect for diversity, promote staff wellbeing and help everyone achieve to their full potential. Clients are thrilled with the results of the clean and enjoy supporting a company that does so much more than providing a job!

Recom client Uniting AgeWell says "In all our dealings we have found Recom Cleaning to be an organisation that has great flexibility and agility in delivering a range of cleaning services in difficult situations. Their staff and work is of an extremely high standard."

Recom is in the process of establishing a separate arm to their business, Empower Clean, which will exclusively employ people with disabilities or social disadvantage, leading to enhanced opportunities for greater economic and community involvement. 

Their goal is to remove employment barriers and promote mutual and balanced care for community and clients, and in doing so seek to inspire, motivate, and reward disadvantaged persons by providing direct employment and foster professional development.

The BizHub team invite you to connect with us if you have a group of interested employees or alternatively want to support Recom and their valuable social enterprise, Empower Clean.

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Visit www.recomcleaning.com.au for more information.