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Connecting business and people across Bayswater Business Precinct

The Bayswater Business Precinct (BBP) is a unique industrial precinct that crosses the boundaries of Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Council areas and is the second largest employment precinct in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

It is home to a strong ecosystem of well connected industries with robust local supply chains with businesses in the precinct being diverse and include small to medium sized family businesses as well as global multinationals.

Recently, the three councils announced their commitment to work together to ensure that the BBP continues to grow as an economic powerhouse in the eastern suburbs.

In order to achieve this, The Bayswater Business Precinct Transformation Strategy has been developed and will be implemented over the next 10 years.

As a first step, and commencing later in the year, the councils will be developing the BBPs Spatial plan. This will see the review of land use planning, urban design and amenity upgrades.

We’ll provide more detail on the strategy as we continue to roll it out.

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Maroondah Council, Knox Council and Yarra Ranges Council

Businesses prefer 'local'

In 2020, select businesses across the BBP were asked about several aspects of why they do business in Bayswater. Their stories reveal the diversity of the precinct and the merit of conducting business from the thriving business and employment community.

Grant, Mobile Automation

Grant from Mobile Automation shares the complexity of employment within a trade that requires specific skill sets. BBP Jobs allows the employer to employ locally, and clearly identify the suitability of a candidate easily, and quickly.

Warwick, Profile Glass

Warwick from Profile Glass shares why the Bayswater Business Precinct provides a 'sweet spot' for business. Because of the particular skill set required in the industry, Warwick shares the benefit of having a BBP Jobs profile that clearly articulates the person best suited to a role.

Frank, Hargo Engineering

Frank from Hargo Engineering speaks about the foundations of the business, and the importance it places on apprenticeships and local jobs. From supply chain to customers, Frank says "There’s nothing that we can’t source in Bayswater."

Andrea, Jenbury Financial

Andrea from Jenbury Financial reflects on why it's so important to work within your community, and how the Bayswater Business Precinct is the perfect place for this to occur. Andrea shares that for her business, local employees are one of the most important selection criteria.