Croydon yoga studio 'pivots' to new position

"My role as a yoga teacher has turned upside down to now be videographer, video editor and production manager!"

In a matter of weeks, yoga teacher Michelle went from full studio classes to closing her doors and running her entire business online.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses in Maroondah to pivot to ensure its survival and the Croydon based yoga studio, Asha Yoga has done just that.


On Monday 23 March 2020, her studio was mandated to close due to increased COVID-19 restrictions.


At this point, Michelle had to make a decision. She could simply close her doors or she could change her business model to ensure she could continue to provide employment for her staff and services for her clients.


The studio began streaming classes on Facebook and tested YouTube, Facebook groups and Zoom to work out the best way to target her clients.


“The learning curve was significant, learning about which platform we can teach on and be covered by insurance, how to effectively record, edit, upload and deliver yoga classes and all the technology involved,” Michelle said.


For weeks the Asha Yoga team researched, trialled, sought advice and tested different mediums to finally develop a new website and to take the business 100% online.


By launching a brand new virtual studio at, Michelle was able to continue to employ staff for limited hours to pre-record 6 classes a week.


“My role as a yoga teacher has turned upside down to now be videographer, video editor and production manager! While home schooling my three boys, I’m uploading videos and creating content in the evenings. I’ve never worked so hard!”


Because of the business’ ability to adapt quickly, the studio has maintained a core group of its students who are continuing their membership and supporting the business to survive.


“I’m humbled by their support and encouragement to get though the tough days, and now we have a new platform to share mindful movement and yoga to kids delivered right to your lounge room! What a privilege.”


In addition to a new website, Asha Yoga are using other digital platforms to keep their clients connected, including Zoom for smaller group coaching sessions and utilising a Facebook group to encourage, provide feedback on sessions and maintain a community.


Adapting quickly has meant engagement with clients remained high and the studio has been able to stretch their business and can now move forward with confidence.


“The future is bright, and we will emerge stronger than ever before,” Michelle said.


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