Innovation during a crisis

If your business been able to 'pivot' and found yourself operating in a new space, let us know!

An article published by Harvard Business Review in the wake of the GFC indicated that a thin silver lining of a crisis is the innovation that arises from the situation.

Scott D. Anthony writes;

“Constraints are innovation enablers. Small teams are faster than big teams. Teams with tight budgets make decisions more quickly than teams with loose budgets. Tight milestones force teams to address critical assumptions early, facilitating the re-direction that typifies the entrepreneurial process.” (Harvard Business Review, 2019).

We are in the midst of the biggest public health challenge the Maroondah community has ever faced, and we acknowledge the stress and challenge that faced your business. However, we want to uncover the innovative ways your business has adapted in the midst of this crisis.

Share how you achieved this with your business community so foster new ideas, new business and continued business.

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