Use social media scheduling to keep your brand active

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With increasing demands competing for your time, and technology redefining the notion of work-life balance, here are some tips we've put together to help you improve the way you activate your brand on social media to save your valuable time!

Recent data shows that the proportion of businesses with a social media presence has reached the highest level recorded.

In fact, more than half of small and medium businesses in Australia have a social media presence, while for large businesses the incidence is 85%. (Yellow Social Media Report, 2018) 

However, keeping social media channels activated doesn’t just happen, right? It takes significant investment when realistically, business owners want to see more ROI and less wasted time. 

That’s where utilising scheduling assistants on social media can make a huge difference in efficiency, brand exposure and targeting your business audience in a new way. 

To get you scheduling right away, we have collated how-to guides for Facebook and Twitter


How to schedule on Facebook  

To schedule a post: 

1.  Go to your Page
2.  Click Publishing Tools at the top. If you don't see Publishing Tools, click More 
3.  Click + Create in the top right
4.  Write your post
5.  Click Share now next to Boost Post
6.  Select Schedule 
7.  Below Publication, select the date and time when you want the post to publish
8.  Click Schedule

Please note, this information was current as of December, 2019. 

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How to schedule on Twitter 

To schedule a tweet: 

1.  Go to
         a.  If you don't have an account you'll have to set that up first 
2.  Click on the "Tweet" tab under "Creative" 
3.  Click compose 
4.  Once composed, select schedule organic tweet 
5.  Select the date and time when you want the tweet to be published 
6.  Click schedule 

Please note, this information was current as of December, 2019. 

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What to consider 

Think about your audience and when they are likely to be active on the social media platforms.  Your audience may live overseas, and scheduling allows you to be active to that market at a time when you’d ordinarily be asleep. 

Scheduling your posts/tweets when your audience will see them, gives you the best opportunity to boost engagement, drive traffic, and gain potential new followers to your page or website. 

A way to find out when your audience may be most active is to keep an eye on your page analytics. Knowing your target audience and your customers is the first step to crafting winning content they’ll love and knowing exactly when to post for optimal engagement. 

There isn’t an exact science to social media as your audience is different to anyone else’s, so don’t be afraid to post at different times, different types of content and see what performs well. 


Paid scheduling tools 

If you’re finding that your scheduling is successful, and you’d like to invest into streamlining your social media content output, you can purchase subscriptions to a third-party tool that will allow you to schedule posts simultaneously across multiple social media platforms. 

LinkedIN and Instagram are two other highly utilised social media platforms used by business however these do not have native scheduling tools.  However, by utilising third-party scheduling tools you can also post in the same way from a centralised method. 


Outsourcing social media 

If you’re time-poor but can afford to assign a budget towards social media, there are agencies dedicated to managing your social media presence and delivering your brand to your targeted audience on your behalf. 


Get help at BizHub 

BizHub offers several social media training sessions to small business throughout the year including the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program which is a low-cost digital initiative to help small businesses become more digitally savvy. 

For more information about what's on and the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program visit BizHub Maroondah.



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