RaRa Records

RaRa Records

My name is Sarah-Rose (on the right) and along with Richelle Bourne (on the left) we run a Record Label called RaRa Records.

The label aims to sign, mentor and develop young female musicians. 

There is a gender gap in the Australian Music industry. According to the latest reports from both Triple J and APRA only 21.5% of registered artists in Australia are female. This differs severely in Secondary and Tertiary education where the numbers are fairly even. There is a large drop off of women entering the music industry post schooling. In addition, 80% of music labels are run by men in Australia.

RaRa Records aims to address both the lack of representation of women in the music industry as well as the disparity between men and women in A&R roles.

There are three girls signed to the label. We also run workshops in school holidays for young girls. The workshops offer advanced vocal training and industry skills but also personal development, confidence and self esteem. The workshops are delivered by myself and other young women established in their careers in the music industry. I have seen wonderful outcomes from these programs with multiple young girls now working towards careers in the music industry.

One business tip to share with other businesses - find community and make sure you always celebrate your little successes. Otherwise you can feel like you're always struggling for growth without ever having a sense of achievement.

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