More than 40 and still going strong - don't stop learning about how to do business better!

Ed - Inset Kitchens

Bayswater North's Inset Kitchens has grown and adapted to a changing industry for more than 40 years. We spoke to Ed Mamrot, inspirational owner of Inset Kitchens, to find out what has helped them to be so successful in a crowded industry.

Firstly, what has been the biggest challenge?

Inset Kitchens is an innovative and premier kitchen company which has served over 8,000 clients in Melbourne’s East since it began in 1976 and one of the biggest challenges has been to keep re-inventing the company as times change.

What do you feel has helped you along the way?

Although I have been in business for a long time I realise that you never stop learning.

By participating in businesses courses, such as the BizHub workshop I attended, you receive inspiration from the facilitators as well as the other participants. This type of learning gives you the opportunity to step back and look at your business objectively and honestly.

The fact that the world is constantly changing means that you have to change as well (or become irrelevant) and a course such as this one provides you with the tools and strategies to adapt and excel.

Should other businesses do training?

In general many small business owners have very little training and as a result statistics show a high rate of failure. So if you want your businesses to be profitable and succeed in the long term you must invest in this type of training. So yes, I do think that businesses should get with it and make use of the training programs as and when they become available.

What advice would you give to new businesses?

  • Appreciate your customers - when they buy honour the trust they've given you.
  • Appreciate your staff - you are a team and without good staff you will not succeed.
  • Always provide a good quality product - as from a customers view point it's the wisest choice.
  • Know your businesses break even point and don't be too proud to get help. 
  • Learn about the financial side of business and don't just leave it up to someone else.
  • Keep a close eye on costs - as waste comes straight off the bottom line profits.
  • Keep a close eye on credit control, as a bad debt could possibly wipe you out.
  • Don't be too precious and be prepared to put in the hard yards and do whatever it takes to succeed.

What is on the horizon for Inset Kitchens?

Our Bayswater Showroom will have a full renovation in 2018 with the latest in finishes, fittings & design ideas.

A new area is planned where we will be holding our monthly Kitchen Design Sessions which is a great way to start planning your kitchen renovation.

Meet the business

Inset Kitchens was founded in 1976 by the present company owner and manager Ed Mamrot. They offer a comprehensive service - from design and manufacture right through to the total support project management to make your kitchen the “heart and soul” of your home.

They use virtual reality computer imaging to assist customers turn their dream kitchens into a reality and employ qualified tradespeople specialising in the manufacture and installation to bring it to fruition.

They have three premises - a showroom in Balwyn and Bayswater and a factory manufacturing plant in Bayswater North.

For more information about Inset Kitchens and to have a look at their kitchens go to visit

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