Multiple reasons to buy locally

Buy Local

Every local purchase not only helps support the business you are directly buying from, but also generates positive impacts for the broader business community!

Buying goods and services from your local area has many benefits.

A proportion of every dollar spent in the community, whether for final goods or services, or raw materials used in the production process, will be re-spent locally and this creates internal multiplier effects, which provide a further stimulus for local employment and the economy.

The more times this money is circulated within the local economy, and re-spent on local goods and services, the greater the potential impact on local employment provision. So local spending really can impact on local jobs!

With the assistance of an Economic Modelling tool, these potential multipliers can be easily quantified for the local economy. Consider this - for every new person employed in key local sectors within Maroondah, the potential increased consumption and demand for goods services can result in additional employment in other areas of the local economy.


Every ten people
employed in ...
Has the potential
to create an additional
Construction 18 jobs
Manufacturing 10 jobs
Retail Trade 3 jobs
Education 4 jobs
Health Services 4 jobs

Professional, scientific &

Technical services

10 jobs

(Remplan December 2017)

So remember, when you buy local, you are positively contributing to the local economy in multiple ways.