Podcast: How to future proof your service business

Podcast interview with Morris Miselowski - Futurist

What exactly is the collaborative economy, peer-to-peer funding and a unicorn?  What is the future of the insurance industry, car manufacturers and funeral directors?  In this wide-ranging interview about the future of everything, Morris reveals why standing still in a fast-moving digitally disruptive landscape is simply not an option anymore.

In this episode, Morris reveals:

  • The 3 must-ask question any business owner needs to ask if they plan to stay relevant in the digital economy
  • What businesses can expect to see in the year 2020, 2040 and 2060
  • The disruptive start-ups revolutionising the insurance, airline and funeral industries and what lessons all business owners can take from those disruptors
  • How to turn the customer experience into a point of difference that separates you from the others
  • How luxury brands are taking ‘customer experience’ to the next level of extravagance
  • How fashion designers, fit bits and fabric manufacturers are shaping the future of health care
  • What big data really is, why it’s changing the foundation of business decision making and how machine-learning is helping small business do more with less

More information

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrFuture

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