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I started this business in March 2002 with help from my sister and beloved late mother.

My initial plan was to run a small Latin-only studio but lady-luck played a hand and this new large, bright studio began. My late father was a ballroom dancer from England, so you could say ballroom has always been in my blood. I always wanted to teach people to dance, anyone and everyone, but ended up specialising in children and teenagers.

Many of my students have gone on to a high level of ballroom dancing in this country. Many life lessons are taught to students whilst learning to dance - respect for others, manners, confidence and listening skills, along with posture, fine motor coordination, musicality, flexibility and the ability to have fun.

The social evenings/events we hold bring everyone together and the more people up dancing, the more fun for all involved. Dance is a skill that gets better with each year a student continues to dance. For the past 15 years I have operated 6 - 7 days a week, bringing in other qualified teachers and always trying to grow in this business. The studio now caters for mums and bubs, tiny tots, school age children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

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