Performance Edge Psychology - from Olympian to business owner

Meet one of our local businesses, Caroline Anderson from Performance Edge Psychology.

Caroline Anderson

Tell us about your business. When did you start it and what is it all about?

I am a Psychologist and former Olympian in the sport of Taekwondo (2004). I have been working as a psychologist for over 15 years in a variety of settings, and I run my own private practice.  I started Performance Edge Psychology a year ago and we focus on the development and delivery of innovative and scientifically based programs to the sporting, schooling and corporate sectors.  We have developed a wellbeing and mindfulness program called Mindful Edge - The Wellbeing Project which uses powerful psychological tools to make positive changes to reduce stress, self doubt, poor decision making, loss of focus, lack of direction and anxiety. These scientifically researched techniques can lead to increased happiness and resilience, build a sense of gratitude in life, help learn to be in the moment, make appropriate decisions, increase focus, build a sense of connection, empathy, communication and compassion.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have been practicing mindfulness both personally and professionally for a few years now.  It is a hot topic in current psychology, the media, in business and the world in general right now. I sort of feel like there is a “mindfulness revolution” going on and over recent years something I have become both personally and professionally passionate about.  I can see it was something that was missing from my 2004 Olympic preparation. Mindfulness has been around for a long time but wasn’t really applied to sporting contexts until around 2006. I wish I had the skills of being a mindful athlete back then, and that is why I am so motivated and passionate about this topic. I decided that although I enjoyed (and still do enjoy) seeing clients individually, I felt the need to reach wider audiences as I know first hand the benefits of mindfulness and the powerful impact it has.  So, I started delivering workshops on Mindfulness.  Things slowly started to grow from there - and last year I founded Performance Edge Psychology, focusing on the delivery of mindfulness and wellbeing training programs to athletes, sporting organisations, coaches, schools and the corporate sector.

Why did you choose to start/locate your business in Maroondah?

I grew up in this area, and I live here and raise my 3 children here. I don't want to work too far away from home as it can get difficult with drop offs and pick ups! I do a lot of work from home which works really well for me with a young, busy family.

What is your favourite thing about Maroondah?

Living in Maroondah, we get the best of both worlds. It is close to the the beautiful Yarra Valley, but also not too far to travel into the city. I feel the suburb we live in is beautiful and leafy.

What is your favourite Maroondah place to grab a bite to eat or drink?

I feel there has been a lot of growth in great local cafes and restaurants over the last few years. There are so many fantastic places to eat. I can't resist the smashed avocado and great coffee from The Rumour Mill where I sometime have business meetings.  I also love Rubiki for the coffee and Holy Basil - YUM!

What other City of Maroondah businesses inspire you?

I love my local florist - the Flower Pot in North Ringwood. It is the best place to go for beautiful bouquets and that perfect gift. All their products are presented beautifully and the staff are always helpful and friendly.  I also love Osteopathy Melbourne - based in Ringwood. My husband and I have been going there for years. They are professional, highly skilled and friendly Osteopaths.  Lastly, I really admire My Body Dental in Croydon.  My kids love going there, they are incredibly professional and I think they have created a great business story.

What business tip would you give to others?

We all know that there has never been an easier time to start your own business however, the most important thing is finding a niche.... Lots of amazing people are out there doing lots of amazing things – what do you have that is different and sets you apart from the rest?

Starting a business and running a business can be incredibly stressful. As a psychologist, I always advise business owners to get on board with Mindfulness!

Mindfulness is currently one of the most evidence based skills in enhancing focus, improving memory and cognitive functioning, reducing stress and anxiety, improving general well-being, productivity and performance. Mindfulness interventions are effective because they help people direct their attention to the current task, while minimizing external distractions and negative self-talk. Mindfulness brings greater self-awareness and reduces reactivity to negative events, self-doubt and fear of failure. These are issues that as business owners we all feel from time to time.

My final tip would be that - particularly in the health sector – you need to have the appropriate skills and experience. The ability to connect with people on a deep level is vital. Engagement, honesty and an authentic presence is also what people gravitate towards. I'm convinced that consumers can sense if you not heartfelt and not being true to who you are. And lastly and most importantly in order to persevere you need to love what you do, be passionate about it, and believe in yourself and what you are doing.

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