What is co-working and how can it benefit me?

One of the biggest trends in working arrangements at the moment is co-working. In fact they are popping up all over the globe and many have opened in Melbourne over the last year.

Remote workers from large organisations, small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals from diverse backgrounds all mix together to work in a shared space.

What’s on offer?

Each co-working space has a different vibe and offers different features but the basic concept is that everyone shares a space with communal facilities. Temporary desks are the norm and they are also known as hot-desks or shared desks. Wifi, printing facilities and a kitchenette are usually readily available. 

What’s so special?

Sure there are other alternatives…home offices, cafes, libraries and serviced offices… but co-working offers one important feature that they don’t… community. Community is the life blood of co-working spaces.

It’s about working in the space with other people. Getting to know them, building trust and forming relationships. By connecting with others, people are more willing to learn from one another and share information. It is only then that the potential for collaboration and working together can really begin.

Fantastic side effects

Our BizHub Co-working Members have reported that they’ve experienced many benefits to their businesses in addition to those gained by being in a community environment.

Dan Laidler from F4240 Web Services feels that he has been free from many of the other distractions found elsewhere. Unlike home which can be non-engaging, committing to a venue gives the day more purpose. He has been able to meet and liaise with like-minded people and can often ask experts sitting in the same space the answer to an issue rather than getting a static response from a googled page. “It is often grounding to hear from other co-workers and their progress, as we are all travelling at a similar velocity”.

Bron Thulke from Angel Web Designs has seen “huge productivity gains through reintroducing structure to my day - get up, get out of the house and go to work, then come home at the end of the day, rather than having work life trickle across into home life when working at home”. She’s been able to collaborate with others and get others involved on work she’s doing, and potentially do work for others. Also by getting out of the house Bron has found that “you are not alone and can talk to real people (not cats and dogs)”. An added bonus for her is that the space is next to the Eastland shops, so she can get her chores done in her lunchtime.