Boost your business with effective process management

We recently met up with Nerida from Serenity Business Solutions and found out that putting some systems into your business can really help boost your business. 

What is process management? 

Process management in a nutshell is an activity aimed at defining the steps of a process, establishing who is responsible for what element of the task, evaluating how well that process works and identifying opportunities for improvement.  

But why do I really need it?  I hear you ask – we are just a small operation. 

Many small businesses start organically with one or two people taking the opportunity to do what they love and do well with the aim of growing a successful business.  However, as you would all be aware as the business grows so does the need to spend time “on the business” to ensure it is being managed effectively.

Process management can be a very important part of working on the business as it will help you define what you do, what works, what doesn’t work, and next time you come back to that task you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and workout the best way to do it again.

And as your team grows you want to make sure that individuals are working as a team, following the same process and your customers are receiving the same great service whomever they deal with.

For example, is your sales process as smooth as it can be, and are your team empowered to respond to the client in a timely manner.

How can you work smarter not harder?

Take a look at one of the tasks that regularly happens in your business where more than one team members are required to complete that task. How many touch points are there for each element of the task? Does information go round in a circle several times before it is dealt with. If it is a customer facing task, how many touch points do you have with the customer? Are there any elements where you are doubling up?

Just going through the simple steps of reviewing a task can identify opportunities for you to improve your efficiency and customer service, and free you up to focus on doing that very thing that you love to do.

Meet the business

Serenity Business Solutions is a boutique consultancy that provides Nerida Jermy and her cohort an outlet for their intense love of anything organised, planned, systematic and efficient.

Our vision is to transform organisations to best utilise the resources and opportunities they have available to them, increasing their reach and impact for the benefit of all stakeholders including clients, staff, and their communities.

Having spent over two decades experiencing and overcoming organisational process issues, in corporations, non-profits, and small businesses around the world, we bring a wealth of knowledge (and a toolkit of proven resources) to any task in front of us. We quickly assess the big picture and follow through with the detail to put you on the path to improved business scalability via streamlined, pragmatic, and effective business processes.

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