Tips to improve your communication skills

The room was filled with the sound of pens scribbling gems of writing wisdom from our guest speaker Liliane Grace author and speaker extraordinaire.

85% of financial success is due to good communication and Liliane provided some tips on how to improve.

Writers block

Do you write for work or pleasure? Then you may know that it is not always easy to write. Your creative juices may have dried up and it can be difficult to get them going again.

So, approach a writing task with the vision of writing it twice.  

1. First time with your creative hat on. Generate ideas and be creative.  

2. Second time re-write it with your editor hat on. Aim to achieve excellence.

Writers block occurs when you create a piece of writing with your editor’s hat on. 

Be creative

Trust yourself and your creativity. Let your creative juices flow! Have fun with your writing, you can always change it when you are editing. 

Here are 3 tools to assist you to remove your writers block:

  1. Mind mapping/ clustering/ post-its
  2. Free writing/ automatic writing
  3. Writing marathon (team work) – everyone in the team writes about the same topic.

What is good writing?

“Good” writing makes an impact! It stops you in your tracks and makes you feel.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve:

  • Show – don’t tell
  • Show through action
  • Show through senses
  • Show through detail
  • Be an editor, not a critic
  • Watch your grammar, spelling and punctuation. It is always a good idea to get someone to read and edit your work.
  • Remember that there are 3 elements to writing – words, reader and writer
  • Avoid jargon
  • Use active voice – not passive
  • Use simple, clear language and in sequence
  • Practice, practice, practice

Meet the business  

Liliane Grace is an award-winning author, speaker and trainer and can assist businesses with their writing and presentation skills through group courses or personal coaching.

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