Starting a business

Here are our top 8 suggestions when starting a business.

  1. Look at all of the information on this website (especially the information about Council’s permits & regulations, legal and financial requirements).
  2. Speak to the relevant Council departments about your business.
  3. Book a meeting to see a BizHub team member to see how Council can assist your business and to talk about your industry.
  4. Book a time to see a business mentor to discuss your business in a free confidential 45 minute one-on-one session.
  5. Attend some business training workshops to maximise your business knowledge – especially the Starting Your Business workshop to find out what you need to do when starting a business.
  6. Do a business plan for your business
  7. Do your market research
  8. Take advantage of free and low-cost services from all three levels of government.

More information

Visit the Australian Government business website to download templates and checklists to assist your business.

Visit the Business Victoria website for more checklists and templates.