Be scam smart

Consumer Affairs Victoria visited us for Let's Do Lunch and educated us about some of scams that businesses should be informed of to protect themselves against.

Be scam savvy of the following:

  • Unauthorised advertising scams
  • Overpayment scams
  • Bogus government department scams - particularly from the Australian Taxation Office
  • Computer repair scams
  • Domain name scams
  • Unauthorised office supply scams

Consumer Affairs Victoria has produced a great educational series "Stevie's Scam School" to enlighten (in a humorous way) of these potential scams. 

Tips to protect yourself

Scam artists prey on the fact that not all businesses are well organised and have purchasing procedures in place. Here are a few tips to help protect your business against scams.

  • Check all accounts and invoices
  • Keep written records
  • Deal only with trusted businesses
  • Update computer security systems
  • Do not click on email links!
  • Seek independent advice.

More information

Consumer Affairs Victoria - Stevie's Scam School -
Scam Watch - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission -


Have you been a victim of a scam that you'd like to warn others about? If so, share here.