9 top tips to help you look big!

Follow our nine tips inspired by big business to help your business appear bigger than you really are.

1. Get branded.

Employ a graphic designer to brand your business.

Get a well designed logo which can be used in different ways. Ask for the logo to be of a good enough resolution/quality for printing as well a size suitable for digital media. How will it look if it was only 2 cm big? Use this branding on your letterheads, quotes and invoices. If you haven't got bookkeeping software, check out your computer's word processing templates or the Internet for inspiration on how to create them.

2. First impressions count.

Look professional when you meet customers. Consider getting a uniform with your logo on it, if it is appropriate for your business. De-clutter your office and/or home and have an A3-sized business sign. If you drive - keep your car clean and tidy. Consider getting a car magnet or your car "wrapped" to promote your business.

3. Get your communications sorted.

Think about these questions to create the appearance of a professional and organised business:

  • How are customers going to contact you - phone, email?
  • Are you going to have a separate business phone number?
  • Who is going to answer it?
  • What will you say when you answer?
  • If it is a home phone - are your kids old enough to answer it properly?
  • How will you provide quotes and invoices? Make sure you know how to email!

Answer the phone promptly or have a really clear message that states your business name and asks the caller to leave their name, contact details and message. Quite often how you answer the phone can let the customer feel that it is not a professional or 'real' business.

4. Be ready with your business cards.

Get some professionally branded business cards printed to give to clients. Keep a few in your car or wallet so you are always prepared.

5. Be confident in yourself and what you are "selling".

Some people may find it difficult to project a confident image, especially if you are a new business or you are not a "people person", so practice a 30-second spiel about your business with a friend or family member (or the mirror). Smile and practice a firm handshake!

6. Get a virtual admin assistant.

If you feel that you could use extra assistance due to lack of time or skills, then a virtual assistant can help you with anything a personal assistant can help you with - such as book keeping, invoicing and presentations - tasks to assist you look more professional.

7. Establish a website.

Customers expect to be able to find information about businesses on the Internet. There are many options to do this:

  • Develop a website by using a website developer
  • Attend a 'do it yourself' website class (see our event calendar) 
  • Have a social media presence (eg Facebook business page or LinkedIn)
  • Utilise the BizHub Maroondah Business Directory - all Maroondah businesses are encouraged to list themselves for free on the Internet searchable directory.

8. Become a member in a co-working space.

Get your business out of home and into a professional environment. An inexpensive way to achieve this is to become a member of a co-working space.

You can become a member of the BizHub Coworking located in Ringwood.  

9. Meet your clients in a professional environment.

If you have a really important client meeting scheduled, consider hiring a room to give the right impression. 

Rooms are available by the hour at Realm located in Ringwood. 


Look for graphic designers, virtual admin assistants, website developers or any service to assist your branding, in the BizHub Maroondah Business Directory. Find a local to help you.


Are you a small business that looks like big business? What tips can you share?