How to create your ideal working day

Are you getting stressed? Or have trouble fitting everything into your day?

We met with a passionate local business owner Cassie from Cassie Jene who is a business mindset and action coach. She keeps her clients accountable to their business goals, increase their productivity and has some really awesome tips to share with us to help us "create the ideal working day".

It all begins with the 3 step process:

1. Visualise the ideal day in your mind

What is your ideal day? Everyone has a different opinion about what the ideal working day encompasses. Your version of ideal will be different from the next person. The first thing to remember is to avoid comparing your situation with someone else's.

You may have family commitments, work responsibilities and your own sanity to consider during each day. If you are the primary caregiver to any family member and run your own business, your typical day will be different when compared with someone without young dependants.

So what is your perfect day? Start visualising it.

2. Step back to step forward

Now that you have a picture of what your ideal day looks like, the next step is to take some time to plan your day - either the night before or if you are a morning person, get up early before everyone else. Write down what you need to achieve in that given day. You may like to keep two separate To Do lists - one for personal/family and one for business. Note down time slots for each task and schedule it in throughout the day.

For example a working mum's day may include getting the kids off to school, organizing meals, running family errands, household chores, client appointments, meetings and any other work tasks.

Everyone will have a different amount of time available to them to progress in their business.

Even if you can only manage 1 working hour that day - you are still getting work done.

Think of it as quality time versus quantity.

3. Block out break times

Once you have scheduled in your day with your essential chores, now block out break times for the day to have rest and for lunch. These times are for you to recharge your body both physically and mentally therefore don’t feel guilty for taking time out to have a break. It can also be a great motivational tool to stay productive and get your work done. For example - if you get the work task done - you can reward yourself by meeting a friend at a cafe for a quick lunch. For others it might be to read a favourite book or have a walk around the block.

Worried that you won't have the time to do everything?

Below are some handy tips for getting your work done in a day:

  • Emails, social media and Internet surfing can be a big distracter and time waster - so limit time on these activities.
  • Check your emails once or twice a day. Look, process and file them straight away - so you don't waste time handling them twice. If the email is tricky to answer and requires a more thorough answer, make a folder labeled "later" then come back when you have more time.
  • Be realistic about the time you have available to get a task done - factor in more time if required.
  • You can use traditional tools - pen, paper, day planner and notebook to organise your day - or have digital assistance such as Evernote.

Your ideal day is not out of reach.

With careful planning and clever time management, you will meet your business objectives, family obligations and personal errands set for the day. Your ideal day can be created without stress and with ease. You get to enjoy your work, have fun with your family and be happy with your life.

Meet the business

Cassie Lee from CassieJeneCassie Lee is a business mindset and action coach running her own home-based business Cassie Jene.

Her clients are mainly new businesses and she specialises in work-family-self balance and working smart from home for mumpreneurs.