Help fight graffiti

Are you fed up with seeing your local area covered in graffiti?  Would  you like to do something about it but don't know what?

It's your community!  Report graffiti vandalism with VandalTrak, so together we can assist authorities to bring those responsible to justice.

Interested parties need to create an account so that VandalTrak can receive incident reports. This is an easy process and provided you have an email address, the creation of the account guides you through that process.

A GPS enabled Android or Apple device is needed to capture and upload photos to VandalTrak.

The system advises Council of uploaded incidents and Council's Logistics Supervisor then creates a works request for his team to either go and remove it or send a free paint voucher or graffiti remover kit to the affected Resident/Trader.

Visit the website to learn more about it: