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We're going to get to know some locals better and highlight some Maroondah City Council departments that interact with businesses.

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Working from Home

A Guide for Working (From Home) Parents

Finding yourself juggling crayons and business - this guide is for you! ...

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Podcast: How long will it take before your company is hacked?

Podcast: How long will it take before your company is hacked?

Podcast interview with Tom Crampton - Trusted Impact ...

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Future Proof Business

How to future proof your service business

Podcast interview with Morris Miselowski - Futurist ...

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Nathan Chan

How to build a cult following quickly

Podcast interview with Nathan Chan ...

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Special interview: co-founder

How to predict the future

 Podcast interview with Paul Greenberg - co-founder,  Chairman NORA ...

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Darren Rowse

How to make money from blogging

Podcast interview with Darren Rowse - ProBlogger ...

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Kevin Bloch

How to profit from the Internet of Things

Podcast interview with Kevin Bloch - CiSCO ...

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Business man with suitcase

Shrinking your way to success

For those of us who have come from either a larger business of our own or the corporate sector, the move into solo-preneurism will likely bring with it emotions ranging somewhere between exhilaration and dread. ...

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What is co-working and how can it benefit me?

One of the biggest trends in working arrangements at the moment is co-working. In fact they are popping up all over the globe and many have opened in Melbourne over the last year. ...

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cup cakes

Celebrate good times, come on!

We are so often busy, busy, busy, moving from one project to another. But what would happen if we stopped to celebrate our success and the success of others? ...

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Mountain success

Beware the plateaus, embrace the hills

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “life is a journey”. ...

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Starting a business: Where to start

Starting a business

Here are our top eight suggestions when starting a business. ...

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Martin Bailey

Word of mouth marketing 101 - powerful and trusted

Martin from Word of Mouth Marketing Australia has dropped into BizHub to give us the inside facts about word of mouth marketing. ...

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two people in factory

How to be the best boss ever

Peter Maguire from Ridgeline HR has provided us with some invaluable information on how you can be the best boss ever so that you can assist your employees achieve their best with the end goal of having a successful business. ...

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business meeting

Have a Business Plan

Business planning is the most important task that a business owner can undertake to ensure that a business is viable and has the potential for success. ...

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Ryan O'Shea

Tax before EOFY and beyond

Ryan O'Shea from Tax & Audit Solutions spoke to us during a Let's Do Lunch at BizHub and gave us a few tips about the end of the financial year and suggested some things to do all year round. ...

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Fiona Summons

How marketing a service is a little bit different

Marketing a service is a little bit different from marketing a tangible product and Fiona from Croydon business Alison Lawson Centre Victoria dropped into BizHub to share her experiences. ...

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Danielle Foulis

Performance management

Danielle Foulis from local business Career Management Advisors dropped into BizHub to talk to us about "performance management" - a human resourcing issue that all employers will want to know more about. ...

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Michael Krivosija

Identity theft and securing your information

Identity theft is the act of stealing someone's identity. The thief pretends to be someone else by assuming that person's identity with the goal of gaining access to resources, credit or other benefits in that person's name. ...

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Woman with sewing machine

Are you a Hobby or a Business?

We got in contact with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to find out about hobbies versus businesses. ...

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Employees, employers and the Fair Work Ombudsman

Have you ever wondered what happens if your employee contacts the Fair Work Ombudsman? ...

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Man with suitcase leaving home

When is the right time to leave home?

We contacted the Small Business Mentoring Service to ask for advice for home-based businesses - when should they consider moving out of home? ...

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Stevie's Scam School

Be scam smart

Consumer Affairs Victoria visited us for Let's Do Lunch and educated us about some of scams that businesses should be informed of to protect themselves against. ...

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Business person

9 top tips to help you look big!

Follow our nine tips inspired by big business to help your business appear bigger than you really are. ...

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Trish Curtis

Chase your money - some tips on how to get your customers to pay!

When doing business you assume your customers will pay their invoices. But on occasion, some customers don't. Trish Curtis from Patricia Curtis Consulting is a freelance administration and accounts specialist and is sharing some of her gems of wisdom about getting customers to pay their invoices! ...

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Tim Button

Understanding your target market

Creative local business owner Tim Button (Buttons Creative) dropped by BizHub to share an important message that he tells all his clients - understand your target market. ...

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Corin Jacka

Do you have a financial plan?

Local business owner Corin Jacka (Corin Jacka Financial Solutions) dropped by recently and we had an insightful chat about what a financial planner does and why we should consider having a financial plan. ...

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Cassie Lee

How to create your ideal working day

Are you getting stressed? Or have trouble fitting everything into your day? ...

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Two people at a cafe

6 Tips to balance work and life when working at home

One positive aspect about working from home is that you can set your own hours, but on the downside it can also impact heavily on your personal home life. If you are running a business from home or just taking some work home with you, then here are a few tips to help you regain some balance. ...

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Two people at cafe

Top ten tips for family businesses

Here are some great tips for those in family owned and operated businesses from the Australian Small Business Commissioner: ...

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Question marks

Your best Business Adviser could be right under your nose

Gordon Wearing-Smith from local business  Really Clever Marketing gives us some marketing advice and writes about Market Research Made Simple - understanding your customers. ...

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one dollar coin

Tradies going into business

Going into business after you have finished your apprenticeship is an exciting dream. Most of us like to be our own boss!! It sounds great - liberating - fun even. And having your own business is exciting.  ...

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Welcome to the BizMatters Blog

Hello world and local businesses! ...

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