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BizBoard is an excellent way to find out about events being held and special deals being offered by local businesses.

Maroondah City Council promotes buying locally and as such BizBoard is a free service to businesses located within Maroondah.

When you log in fill in your event or special offer details, add a photo and/or logo and once approved we'll post it on the BizHubMaroondah BizBoard for one month, or until the date of your event, whichever comes first. This is Business & Development's way of assisting local businesses.

If you have any queries regarding content or submitting and editing BizBoard items please send a detailed email to

Maroondah City Council reserves the right to post, refuse, withhold, delete and/or remove any listings, advertisements or content for any reason at any time.


Tech Savvy women

Tech Savvy Women Workshop

Are you a mum, step-mum, aunt, grandma, carer, tertiary student or a woman in business? ...

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World Social Media Day - The Visibility Project for Local Business

The 30th June is World Social Media Day and I will be running a FREE day filled with skills workshops, chances to showcase your business on Facebook live, access to media and so much more. Businesses who register will also be part of a free Facebook Live challenge 25-29 June to learn how to use this incredible low cost marketing tool and reach more potential clients online. ...

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