Ann South East Lawyers

Succession Planning - are you planning to leave your business?

Principal Lawyer Ann Gambetta from South East Lawyers discusses Succession Planning. ...

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Michael Krivosija

Identity theft and securing your information

Identity theft is the act of stealing someone's identity. The thief pretends to be someone else by assuming that person's identity with the goal of gaining access to resources, credit or other benefits in that person's name. ...

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For sale and sold signs

Cancelling your unused business name or company - the forgotten final step

Do you have a business name or company you are no longer using? ...

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Stevie's Scam School

Be scam smart

Consumer Affairs Victoria visited us for Let's Do Lunch and educated us about some of scams that businesses should be informed of to protect themselves against. ...

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Want to find your business edge?

Do you have any Intellectual Property?

A new magazine has started from IP Australia - Your Business Edge - to assist you protect your intellectual property and help you grow your business. ...

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Help fight graffiti

Are you fed up with seeing your local area covered in graffiti?  Would  you like to do something about it but don't know what? ...

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Business Security Kit

Keep your business safe

The Victorian Police have produced a Business Security Kit to help protect businesses.  It is never too late to review the kit and be prepared for the unexpected!  ...

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Digital device

Stay Smart Online

The Australian Government has a website to help everyone understand the risks and the simple steps we can take to protect our personal and financial information online. ...

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Beware sign

False Billing Scams

Don't foot the bill on this scam ...

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Graffiti truck available for use

This little baby is our purpose-built community graffiti removal/clean up trailer and it is now available for Maroondah community groups to use for free. ...

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Are you ready

Top 10 Tips for Managing Emergencies

The Australian Government's has provided some great tips to help you manage emergencies. ...

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How complaints can save your business money

Disputes with customers can be costly. However, a complaint that doesn’t escalate into a dispute can actually help your business. ...

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