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We're going to get to know some locals better and highlight some Maroondah City Council departments that interact with businesses.

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Have you tried Deskercise?

Working from home health and wellbeing ...

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Ann South East Lawyers

Succession Planning - are you planning to leave your business?

Some topics are rarely covered in Business 101 courses, this is one of them. ...

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Clay Clarke

Podcast: How to build a virtual team for virtually nothing

Podcast interview with Clay Clarke - Thrive15 ...

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James Schramko

Podcast: How to build an online coaching business

Podcast interview with James Schramko - ...

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Toby Tremayne

Podcast: Talking 'high-end geeky' technology

Toby is an expert in virtual and augmented reality, having worked as a tech-guru for PwC and Lithodomos VR, and running his own company Magic Industries. ...

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Jodie Sangster

Podcast: How data science helps SMEs make better decisions

Jodie is the CEO of ADMA, the association for data-driven marketing. In this episode, Jodie ...

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Podcast: How to future proof your service business

Podcast interview with Morris Miselowski - Futurist ...

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Podcast: How to build a cult following quickly

Podcast interview with Nathan Chan ...

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Business man with suitcase

Shrinking your way to success

For those of us who have come from either a larger business of our own or the corporate sector, the move into solo-preneurism will likely bring with it emotions ranging somewhere between exhilaration and dread. ...

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cup cakes

Celebrate good times, come on!

We are so often busy, busy, busy, moving from one project to another. But what would happen if we stopped to celebrate our success and the success of others? ...

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Mountain success

Beware the plateaus, embrace the hills

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “life is a journey”. ...

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Nerida Jermy - Serenity Business Solutions

Boost your business with effective process management

We recently met up with Nerida from Serenity Business Solutions and found out that putting some systems into your business can really help boost your business.  ...

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Liliane Grace

Tips to improve your communication skills

The room was filled with the sound of pens scribbling gems of writing wisdom from our guest speaker Liliane Grace author and speaker extraordinaire. ...

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Malcolm Brown Hutchinson Legal

Have you considered protecting you IP?

Malcolm Brown a lawyer from the local firm Hutchinson Legal dropped into BizHub to discuss Intellectual Property (IP) and why you should be thinking about protecting it. ...

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Starting a business: Where to start

Starting or growing your business

Maroondah supports over 40,000 jobs with an annual economic output of over $14billion. ...

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Martin Bailey

How important is 'word of mouth' marketing?

Martin from Word of Mouth Marketing Australia has dropped into BizHub to give us the inside facts about word of mouth marketing. ...

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two people in factory

How to be the best boss ever

Peter Maguire from Ridgeline HR has provided us with some invaluable information on how you can be the best boss ever so that you can assist your employees achieve their best with the end goal of having a successful business. ...

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Ryan O'Shea

Tax before EOFY and beyond

Tax is an unavoidable business requirement but to many business owners and operators, it's a three-letter word that causes a lot of stress. ...

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Business person

9 top tips to help you look big!

Follow our nine tips inspired by big business to help your business appear bigger than you really are. ...

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Two people at a cafe

6 Tips to balance work and life when working at home

One positive aspect about working from home is that you can set your own hours, but on the downside it can also impact heavily on your personal home life. If you are running a business from home or just taking some work home with you, then here are a few tips to help you regain some balance. ...

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