BizHub Coworking Member COVID-Safe guidelines

As of Monday 7th December 2020, BizHub Coworking is open to Premium members only. The space is not available to Resident and Casual members at this time. Please familiarise yourself with the new guidelines below.

Following the direction of the Chief Health Officer, a COVID Safe Plan has been prepared for the BizHub Coworking Space. The BizHub Coworking team has implemented changes in the space and new guidelines will need to be adhered to in the Coworking Space.



As of Monday 7th December 2020, BizHub Coworking is open to Premium members only.

The space is not available to Resident and Casual members at this time.

Upon arrival at Realm each day, Coworking members must sign in on the Ground Floor of Realm via the Realm Customer Service QR Code, or at the direction of Realm staff

Access to the BizHub Coworking Space will be available from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

The Coworking Space will be closed from 1 to 2pm every day for cleaning. You will need to vacate the Realm building during this time.

Entry to the BizHub Coworking Space is only available via the left-hand sliding door and exit is only via the double door.

You must sanitise your hands prior to entering the Coworking Space. A hand sanitising station is provided at the entry.

You must follow directional floor signage within the space.

You must maintain a 1.5m physical distance within the Coworking Space

When a 1.5m physical distance cannot be maintained, face masks must be worn

To ensure physical distancing is maintained, you must only utilise your individually allocated desk and chair.

Visitors are not permitted in the BizHub Coworking space under any circumstances.


Commercial grade hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes are provided for  use.

Members are requested to wipe down and clean their own desks, chairs, computer. equipment and monitors at the end of each day with the supplies provided.

If you observe anything that does not meet this standard, please advise management immediately or as soon as possible in order for us to rectify the situation.


Access to the kitchenette and other shared facilities is limited.

Crockery, cutlery and shared items are no longer available.

Please bring your own mug, crockery and cutlery.

Single use coffee, sugar and milk are available

Please wipe surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes after use.


Meeting Rooms are currently unavailable until further notice. Premium Member entitlements (3 hours per month) will be rolled over until such time that meeting room access is available.


BizHub Coworking Events will be held online using Zoom (or similar).


Membership billing will recommence upon reentry to the Coworking Space. A new monthly billing cycle will be introduced to provide Premium Members with flexibility (existing rates apply). 7 days written notice is required should you wish to terminate your membership. Please speak with the BizHub Maroondah team should you have any enquiries.


Limited support from the Biz Hub Maroondah team is available from Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm. Please call 9298 4679 for assistance.

After hours assistance (from 5 to 8pm) can be sought from Realm Customer Service on the Ground Floor or by phoning 9298 4671.