BizHub Coworking Space Code of Conduct


In order to provide the best experience for all users of BizHub it is vital that all participants follow the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct for BizHub: 

  • Respect privacy of all users
  • Neat casual dress code
  • Information discussed or overheard must be kept confidential
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves
  • No audible music - earphones only
  • No smoking inside the building and terrace or 20metres from the front door to Realm
  • Alcohol cannot be brought in by members. Organised social  events where there is consumption of alcohol must be in line with Realm liquor license
  • No drugs to be consumed or brought onsite
  • No swearing - this is a professional environment
  • Meetings with external participants are to be conducted in meeting rooms
  • Visitors are permitted in BizHub Coworking Space and you will be responsible for their conduct.  Premium Resident Members and Resident Members are permitted a guest free of charge and Casual Members who wish to have a guest must purchase a Visitor Day Pass.
  • Phone calls can be taken however out of respect for other users please keep voice levels low or move to another area of the space or building
  • Phones set to silent/vibrate
  • We encourage connections and meetings between members however be aware others around you may need some thinking space
  • Members are responsible for their personal equipment
  • There will be no sign up or exit fees for memberships
  • As it is a working environment where people are conducting their business and in the best interests of all members, children under the age of 18 years are not permitted within the Coworking Space
  • Do not hamper other members from using and enjoying the BizHub
  • Members must notify the BizHub team if they lose their membership card
  • New Members will be charged a $20 refundable deposit for the membership card and existing members will be charged $20 to replace lost membership cards
  • Non-members are not permitted into the cowork space unless invited and accompanied by a cowork member with current membership, for the duration of their stay
  • At its discretion the BizHub Team may refuse access or terminate membership with due regard to the above Code of Conduct
  • Resident and Premium Resident Members only may utilise the BizHub Coworking Space address for their business

A breach of the Code of Conduct can result in suspension from the coworking space.